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99th Issue
Release date: Jan 01, 2023

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NetWorker Tips - English

I update my documents regularly - every 2 months. To make it easier for you, I mark them with the following status letters in the left-hand column:

       N       This file is new.
       U       This file has been updated with the latest issue.

Please keep in ming that a subject might also apply to earlier NetWorker releases

Status Subject File Name
NetWorker - General
The most important NetWorker 19 Commands commands_19.pdf
Time requirements for 'scanner' processes using different media - a relative comparison gener785_eng.pdf
This is how you create a comprehensive dedupe report of your DDBoost backups gener800_eng.pdf
A comprehensive dedupe report of your DDBoost backups - version 2.0 gener801_eng.pdf
How to save & recover via a separate backup network gener813_eng.pdf
running mminfo + nsrinfo at a NW client_with standard user account gener814_eng.pdf
The legacy NetWorker Cookbook (01/2009, about 80 MB) nw_cookbook_2009.pdf
NetWorker 19.7.x
NetWorker 19.7.0 has been released 19_7_gen_1_eng.pdf
The new command 'nsrclientserverlist' 19_7_gen_2_eng.pdf
Now you can use 'scanner' also along with time ranges 19_7_gen_3_eng.pdf
The 'new' resource "nsr cloneconfig" 19_7_gen_4_eng.pdf
NetWorker for Windows
How to prepare a perfect ISO CD for the optimal Windows BMR restore support windows_88_eng.pdf
How to move the NetWorker Server for Windows off the system volume windows_89_eng.pdf
Workaround to run a Windows BMR with NetWorker 19.6.x windows_90_eng.pdf
NetWorker & Data Domain
Where to find the latest Data Domain documents nw_dd_34_eng.pdf
NetWorker & Data Domain/ECS Cloud
How to create an ECS system for test purposes nw_ecs_1_eng.pdf
How to check your ECS test system nw_ecs_2_eng.pdf
How to determine 'Secret Key' & 'Access Key' nw_ecs_6_eng.pdf
You better obey the time synchronisation amoung your computers nw_ecs_7_eng.pdf
Can 'orphaned' ECS Save Sets be rescued at all? nw_ecs_8_eng.pdf
How the option 'Disable RPS Clones' can help nw_ecs_9_eng.pdf
During the recall from a cloud tier NetWorker might use any (other) pool nw_ecs_10_eng.pdf
NetWorker & CloudBoost
CloudBoost + ECS-CE nw_cboost_1_eng.pdf
A true ECS for test purposes nw_cboost_2_eng.pdf
What if you cannot access a Cloud Boost device? nw_cboost_3_eng.pdf